Monday, May 24, 2010

Bean There, Done Fat.

I love having something to do with leftovers. Being a vegan means you always have tons of perishables begging to be eaten in the fridge. I especially love a burger, a guilt free one that is.  I made this Dang Good Leftover Stuff in the Fridge Burger recipe I found on VegWeb.  What vegan doesn't have some brown rice hanging out in the fridge and a can of beans in the pantry?  I ended up doubling the recipe because 1 can of beans equals twice the recipe.  I highly recommend using fresh bread crumbs.  I tried to skip a step by using prepared bread crumbs.  While the burger was delicious, it would have been much better had I taken the extra time to make fresh bread crumbs.  Also, make sure you make the patties thin.  They'll be too beany if you don't. Next time I'm going to sauté some mushrooms till they're nice and brown, and add them to the mix.  I'm looking forward to taking some artistic license with this one!

Nate's Two Cents: Tara always includes some footnote to qualify her successes, but keep in mind most of her "short cuts" still lead to pretty tasty dishes.  I personally liked the tender, thick beany consistency.  I took the leftovers the next day and folded them into a whole wheat wrap with some lettuce, tomatoes, and veggie mayo-- sounds weird, but tasted fantastic. (Nothing like those scary looking Big Mac wraps a certain chain keeps plastering all over their billboards). Or an even better leftover idea--any taco salad lovers out there?

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