Sunday, May 16, 2010

Veggie Pizza Vindicated

One great thing about choosing to become a Vegan is discovering new restaurants in my own backyard that I never knew about.  Kansas City has so many great local restaurants, and a decent hippie population to boot, so I knew I could find a Vegan restaurant within a stone's throw.  My 7 year old pleaded with me to take him to Pizza Hut.  Since that is no longer an option I looked up Vegan Pizza, and voila, Waldo Pizza!  I ordered the Veggie St. Louis crispy crust with Vegan Cheese. They use Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella, and run the pizza through the oven twice (as vegan cheese is known not to melt very well.)  It was seriously delicious!  My carnivores, however, ordered the Waldo Choice Cut (5 kinds of meat.)  Nate ended up finishing off my pizza because it was great even to a meat eater. We will definitely be going back!

Nate's two cents:  It was a great experiment, alternating meaty bites with bites of Tara's thin-crust veggie pizza.  Of course it was a little bit like comparing apples to oranges, but all in all the veggie version held its own.  The most shocking thing was how close to the taste of actual cheese the "cheese" on her pizza came.  Don't ask me how they did it. I think the cheese is derived from cashews, or the milk of soy-producing goats or something.  Well worth the trip south, though.  Tara was right about how delicious her "sensible pizza" would be.  And you have no idea how hard it is to admit that...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tara! I have been a vegetarian for many years, took a break when I began dating my boyfriend who is a huge meat eater, & then in 2009, I became a vegan. I also live in the Kansas City area & would be interested in your thoughts about other local places for vegan food (best grocery stores, restaurants, etc.). I am finding it hard to locate places with vegan options so wanted to get your take on it.

Thanks so much for your help:)