Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peanut Butta Makes Everything Betta

Oh, how I love peanut butter. Peanut butter cups, cookies, sauce, soup, whateva.  I just love it.  So, of course one who adores peanut butter needs a decent cookie recipe. These aren't the kind of cookie you indulge on however. A teeny slice will do just fine, or I'd be back up to piggy status in no time. I've made these several times since this whole vegan adventure, and they end up eaten before I even get a picture.  I rescued this last one from my 7 year old as he was lifting the cake plate lid to snatch it up.  

Vegan Peanut Butter Blondies

1 1/2 C. Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
2/3 C. Organic Canola Oil
4 t. Vanilla
1/2 C. Almond Milk
2 C. Brown Sugar
2 C. All Purpose Flour
1 t. Baking Powder
1 t. Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 9 X 13 pan. Cream peanut butter, sugar, oil, vanilla and milk together until smooth. Combine in another bowl the flour, baking powder and salt.  Add dry ingredients to peanut butter mixture.  When combined, press dough into greased pan. Bake for 23-25 minutes until lightly browned.  Allow to cool in pan before serving.  I half this recipe and use an 8 inch cake pan when I don't have as much peanut butter to spare. You could also add chocolate chips or chopped nuts.  Either way is supper yummy. Enjoy :) 

This recipe is modified from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.


The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

These are dangerously easy to make! I can't resist.

Vegan Piggy said...

Then don't resist :) They are super easy!

Morgan-- said...

I agree, everything is better with peanut butter!