Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sublime Simplicity - Vegan Pain au Chocolat

If my life depended on it, I'm still not sure I could tell you how many millions of times I have made these. Back in our Young Adult ministry days, we used to pack 20-30 people in our tiny little house, and feed them cargo ship quantities of these.  I believe the record eaten was 10 by one person.  Nate's favorite treat ever is a chocolate croissant, so as a new bride I wanted to find a suitable way to make it for him that didn't involve laboriously making croissant dough from scratch.  As I mentioned in a previous post, puff pastry is the perfect thing for a croissant fix. These little goodies are so affordable to make, and such a fun and easy thing to bring to a picnic or pot luck. The old recipe used eggs, so I was so excited that my vegan version of the recipe worked.  Score! You have to make these, seriously. Everyone, and I mean everyone loves them :)

Vegan Mini Pain au Chocolat

2 Vegan Puff Pastry Sheets, cut each sheet into 12 squares
5 oz. Vegan Bar Chocolate, cut into 24 rectangles
1/4 c. Vanilla Soy Milk
1/4 c. White Sugar
1/4 c. Raw Sugar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Make sure your oven is good and hot before putting the pan in. Brush puff pastry squares lightly with soy milk.  Take one piece of chocolate and roll one each in each puff pastry square. Brush again lightly with soy milk.  Generously sprinkle white and raw sugar over little rolls. Bake for 15-20 minutes until brown and flaky.  Let cool for a few minutes (I know it's hard), or you'll burn your tongue on hot gooey chocolate. Enjoy :)

Nate's Two Cents: I think the one who ate 10 was me, though I'm not sure of it.  I would never survive on the Atkins diet (actually, I'm surprised anyone does): I can turn down a steak if necessary, but put a plate of pain au chocolat (bread with chocolate) in front of me and I lose all self-control.  I blame the early-morning croissant runs my father took me on when I wasn't much bigger than a baguette roll myself.  So everything Tara says is true; these are irresistible.  By the way, if they're done right, the outside crust should sort of collapse at first bite, like a tent folding down, giving way to a soft, warm, and sweet center.  I don't know why I just said that, but it seemed important to say. Oh well...bon appetit, friends. 


Anonymous said...


I am so happy I found your blog. I can't tell you how much your "about me" section resonated with me. Putting on 30 pounds in less than a year? Check. Keeping it on for two years? Check. Feeling really bad about myself for those two years? Check. Transitioning from vegetarian to vegan recently? Check. Devouring the information in Food Inc. and tons of books like Eating Animals and The China Study? Check.

Only thing is, I haven't lost any weight. Bummer. I think I need to work on portion control and am committed to dropping those pesky extra pounds.

I look forward to following your journey, and if you'd like, I'll keep you posted via the comments about how I'm doing.

Keep up the great work, and Viva La Vegan.


Vegan Piggy said...


It basically sounds like you're me <3 I love it! Weird that you did the same thing as me. I hated it, and am slowly starting to feel more like myself. Portion control is a biggie. Also, I've found that planning my week and day as to what in the world I'm going to eat helps. I worked at Weight Watchers part time, so I'm very aware of portion sizes and know when I'm overdoing it. Though I have to care about whether I'm overdoing it to begin with. Obviously this post is not the perfect one to brag on my always perfect diet. Though I only had 2 of these, really, or maybe 3 :) My weight gain has slowed down over the last few weeks, which I attribute mostly to my not visiting the gym as I should. Though the scale is finally tipping this week in the right direction again. But truly I am loving being a vegan. I have so much fun finding new ways to prepare all the fresh veggies I find at markets, so it's been great as a creative outlet.

I, too, have read many, many books. They all bleed together for me. I just read Eating Animals, and most of China Study. Have you read Food Revolution? That one tipped the scales in the vegan direction for me. I'm reading one of Farm Sanctuary's books, and have read Slaughterhouse. Too, too many reasons not to eat meat and dairy seriously.

So glad you found me too :) I look forward to hearing from you!

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

VEGAN pain au chocolate?! Brilliant!

Morgan-- said...

THese look amazing! And really simple! Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

YUM! I think I might have to make these for the husband. Thank you for sharing!

And to Jill, I didn't really lose weight for a while. I have learned to slow down when I eat and drink in between bites. It helps me to not overeat. Also, I have drastically cut down the my use of oils when cooking (I seemed to use olive oil in many of my dishes). I just didn't realize how much I was really using. I learned to use the olive oil cooking spray instead as it has much less fat and calories than the original (plus, I find I use much less). Good luck on your journey!
Meg B

Vegan Piggy said...

Good tips Meg@ And of course, you should make them. Your husband will love you :)

Foodeater said...

I must make these at once! That is, right after I make those cinnamon buns you just posted :)