Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Like it (Very, Very) Hot - Masoor Daal

I found this recipe while searching the web. There's a great network of vegan food blogs, and someone is always suggesting one recipe or another. Lentil dishes always catch my eye because I'm always trying to find new ways to add protein dishes to my repertoire. I've always been a fan of Indian and South Asian food, but I've never really built a real understanding for the blends of spices that bring together the complex flavors of these cuisines. Enter Spicy Habbity, a blog written from the perspective of a Pakistani American with many traditional family recipes in her back pocket. I have to admit, that even for a (partly) Puerto Rican girl who adores really spicy food, this Masoor Daal is FA-laming hot, or maybe I'm just a wuss. Either way, this is one seriously delicious bowl of soup. I made it exactly according to the recipe even though my inner (don't do it) spice instinct said N-O to the whole teaspoon of cayenne it called for. I think if I made it again, I would add less water than the recipe called for. The picture on the blog makes this soup look much thicker than mine turned out (so I added a scoop of brown rice), and of course I might add less cayenne so I could eat bowls and bowls of it without passing out from internal combustion.

Edit: After sitting in the fridge, the soup mellowed out and thickened up to perfection. I wouldn't change a thing :) 

Nate's Two Cents: I may be the wrong person to ask since I have a general taste for international food, but all in all I really liked the Masoor Daal, which has a familiar texture something like split pea soup. As for the fire: Yes, it's spicy. No, it's not where's-a-piece-of-bread-quick-this-stuff-is-incinerating-my-tongue hot. Think instead of that time when your brother dumped an extra spoonful of cayenne in the soup when you weren't looking. Yes, you could taste the mischief when the final product was finished, but it's not as if the other flavors disappeared. If anything, it just made the soup more fun. So don't be scared. It's good. Really good.


Danielle said...

Sorry it was so spicy...I actually add MORE cayanne when I make this! I think this is seriously one of my favorite lentil dishes!

Vegan Piggy said...

I was just going to edit this post because it lost some of it's bite as I heated it up for leftovers. I don't think I would change a thing next time. It even thickened up a bit, so I'm not going to mess with a good thing. I love, loved it! I need to build some more spice endurance obviously : )

Aisha Hoffman said...

Hi Tara & Nate.

Thank-you very much for the review. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I hope to feature more vegetarian dishes in the future! :-D

Take Care
Aisha (Spicy Habibti)

Vegan Piggy said...

I'll look forward to your recipes! You obviously know what you're doing :)

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

Tara—Thanks for your comment on my misir watt post! That's awesome that you went to Blue Nile. (Don't miss my post about the vegan cooking class I took there.) I love meeting and hearing from new local foodies and vegans. More of us need to come out of the woodwork, I think!

I just went to FüD for the first time the week before last. It's tiny, and a wee bit disorganized, but I'm not judging—I'm not sure I could do what Heidi does! My bf and I ordered tostadas and then, after seeing how small they were, we shared some nachos. Both had the wild rice "meat," which blew me away. I'd love to have/find/learn that recipe! The goji cheeze was delicious (and fascinating) too, and the raw chocolate cake and cashew ice cream we shared for dessert were stupendous. I'll be posting about that meal in a week or two!