Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegan BBQ Pulled "Pork" Sandwiches - Say What!?

I had never heard of Jackfruit until this whole vegan adventure began. The little vegan restaurant I've been obsessing about uses it in a million different ways. They have "fish" tacos, chalupas, and recently added reuban and bbq sandwiches. I tried the reuban the last time, and whoa! The jackfruit looked freakily like meat. I have yet to try the bbq sandwich, but couldn't stop thinking about it, so I decided to make it at home. Since I had never heard of jackfruit, I had to figure out where in the world to buy it. Turns out you can buy it at the Asian grocery store (like you can find all other obscure and strange vegan ingredients.) Whole Foods sometimes has it fresh (I called to see), but they didn't have any. Jackfruit when it is unripe or green, can be used in savory dishes. Make sure if you buy it for something like this, it isn't the ripened version which is sweet. Jackfruit is reminicent of hearts of palm or artichokes if you've never had it, but it makes a nice medium for a sandwich. It's doesn't necessarily have the texture of meat, but man does it look like it. Freaakkky!

This is my attempt at making a bbq sauce. I have no idea why on earth I used this many ingredients! You could probably use all bottled sauce or omit half of these ingredients with the same results. They just all sounded good as I was grabbing stuff. I used what I call my "magic pot" (because everything goes in and comes back out incredibly delicious), or in other words, my little Le Creuset dutch oven. I prefer to use the oven rather than a crock pot on most occasions, but I'm guessing a crock pot would work nicely if you have a small one. Forgive the bad picture. I only had a cell phone available. Can someone on earth tell me where my camera battery charger went before I go bonkers?

Vegan Pulled "Pork" Sandwiches
½ Red Onion, Diced
2 Garlic Cloves, finely minced
1/2 Jalapeno,  finely chopped (seeds removed)
1/4 cup ketchup
1 T. tomato paste
1 t. Molasses
¼ C. Vegan BBQ Sauce
½ C. Tomato Sauce 
½ t. Garlic Powder
1 T. Tamari or Shoyu
1 T. Vegan Worcestershire 
1/2 t. Crushed Red Pepper
1/2 C. Veg Broth 
¼ t  Liquid Smoke 
¼ t. Ginger, grated on a microplane
1 - 20 can of Jackfruit in brine or water, drained and squeezed of extra water
Whole Wheat Buns
Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Combine all ingredients except broth to small dutch oven. Heat until boiling, and then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add broth and stir to combine. Add jackfruit and stir. Cook in oven for 1 hour. Once removed, shred jackfruit with a fork. Serve with toasted buns. Enjoy!

PS. I got my first set of Fiesta dishes from my mom for my birthday. Aren't they cute? :)


LittleHouseofVeggies said...

Looks so hearty and delicious! And the dishes are VERY cute!!

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

Ok, I am still mystified by the jackfruit stuff - now I HAVE to try it.

Vegan Piggy said...

Thank you Morgan :) You're so sweet! I'm tired of my boring cream dishes, and wanted something vintage-y.

Amber, Did you try anything with jackfruit at Fud? I figured out how she makes it taste like fish. I opened up my taco, and dug around. I'd love to try to figure out how to do that too :) She uses seaweed. I'm not sure if I'll ever even kind of discern what spices she uses in anything. It's perfection always. I have a major food crush obviously or need to get a life. One or the other!

Trudy ~ veggie num num said...

When we lived in the far north of Australia you could buy Jackfruit from local farms and markets but I would never in a million years thought you could make a 'fake meat' from them! If I ever get a hold of some I will definitely be trying this, delicious list of ingredients and well I'm intrigued!

Vegan Piggy said...

That's great that you can buy it fresh :) I don't think Nate liked it much. He hasn't written his 2 cents about this one yet. My sandwich was much better than his though. He tried to put a lazy one together on his own. I think you definitely need toasted bread for sure because you want it to have the bite of meat, but it just doesn't. More like artichokes. Make sure to get it unripened though, or it wouldn't work. And I would recommend a side of beans or something for protein.

Loren said...

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Rachel said...

Where or where do you find canned jackfruit? Whole Foods? I, too, have never heard of jackfruit until I tried the bbq sandwich from Fud.

Vegan Piggy said...

Hi Rachel :) Glad to find another KC vegan! I found it at the Asian market at the river market, but you could probably find it at any other Asian market in town (I think there is one in Overland Park.) Have you had anything else at FUD?

C'est La Vegan said...

I've had a can of jack fruit in the cabinet, and have been waiting for some inspiration to use it - thank you for this recipe! That dish is super cute, and the pickles on the sandwich make me want it even more!

Lindsey said...

Ah! I'm so happy you're here! I had my first FUD experience in 2010 and I've been wanting to make a BBQ Jackfruit sandwich of my own but haven't had luck finding the fruit. I should have figured the Asian market would have it, they do seem to have all the obscure vegan foods you can find in KC. :) So excited to shop this weekend and try this out! Happy snacking!